Defying Silence

We must protect our country for the future of our children.







Defying Silence music 1st appeared on the web in 2001. Later in 2006 Defying Silence music “I Believe” a motorcycle theme song created by Defying Silence appeared in a Discovery Channel Documentary titled “History of the Chopper” starring Jesse James from west coast choppers. The program aired Worldwide in commerce 3/4/2006.

Defying Silence formed in 1998 with original members Anthony Vincent and Dean Lanzi, additional Defying Silence band members include, Dave Kelly, Joe Vargo, Bob Jones, Anthony Lombardo, John Evans and Eddie Drivetone. The band name Defying Silence was later used by a different group knowing we have 1st usage rights. Because of this no one will ever be able to buy the domains or as Anthony has owned them since early 2000. Documented 1st usage rights of Defying Silence have been submitted to the United States Federal Trademark office.

Defying Silence performance history throughout Ohio at venues including: The Hard Rock Café
Harley Davidson festivals, The Revolution & The HI Fi Clubs, The Symposium , The Bottom-Line Salon, Greenleaf, Runway, Peabody’s and other venues sponsored by Budweiser. Thanks to Billy Morris Defying Silence regularly performed at his two clubs. Billy Morris is a guitarist who has played in several bands including Warrant, Quiet Riot and more.

Defying Silence opened and headlined at many clubs with many well-known local bands in Ohio. MAB – Michael Angelo Batio, Osyrus, Doctor Feel Good, Spare Change, The threat, with way too many bands to list. However, Song writing and promotion has never ceased, new songs in genre heavy metal and hard rock song remakes are in development.


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