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Defying Silence: The Official Band since 2001

Later in 2006 Defying Silence music “I Believe” a motorcycle theme song created by Defying Silence appeared in a Discovery Channel Documentary titled “History of the Chopper” which aired Worldwide in commerce 3/4/2006.
Defying Silence formed in 1998 with original members Anthony Vincent and Dean Lanzi, additional Defying Silence band members include, Dave Kelly, Joe Vargo, Bob Jones, Anthony Lombardo, John Evans and Eddie Drivetone.


Defying Silence performance history

Throughout Ohio at venues including: The Hard Rock Café, Harley Davidson festivals, The Revolution & The HI Fi Clubs, The Symposium, The Bottom-Line Salon, Greenleaf, Runway, Peabody’s and other venues sponsored by Budweiser. Thanks to Billy Morris Defying Silence regularly performed at his two clubs. Billy Morris is a guitarist who has played in several bands including Warrant, Quiet Riot and more.

Defying Silence opened and headlined at many clubs with many well-known local bands in Ohio. MAB – Michael Angelo Batio, Osyrus, Doctor Feel Good, Spare Change, The threat, with way too many bands to list. However, Song writing and promotion has never ceased, new songs in genre heavy metal and hard rock song remakes are in development.


Defying Silence: A Band That Redefines Rock and Metal Music

Defying Silence is a musical force to be reckoned with. Since its inception in 1998, the band has been pushing the boundaries of rock and metal music, crafting unique sounds that have won over fans all over the world. From the electrifying energy of its rock anthems to the haunting beauty of its acoustic ballads, Defying Silence offers a musical experience like no other. Check out the band’s website for a taste of its original music, including mp3s of its most popular tracks.


Rock Music with a Twist: Discover the Sound of Defying Silence

Looking for a rock band that stands out from the rest? Look no further than Defying Silence. This innovative group combines the raw power of rock music with unexpected twists and turns, creating a sound that is both fresh and familiar. Whether you’re into head-banging metal riffs or soulful acoustic melodies, Defying Silence has something for you. Visit the band’s website to hear its latest tracks and get a taste of what it’s all about.


From Metal to Acoustic: The Versatility of Defying Silence

One of the things that sets Defying Silence apart from other bands is its versatility. From hard-hitting metal tracks to delicate acoustic ballads, the band can do it all. Whether you’re in the mood for head-banging or soul-searching, Defying Silence has a song that will speak to you. And with its new age classical instrumentals, the band is taking its sound to even greater heights. Check out its website for mp3s of its latest tracks and experience the range of this incredible band.


Anthony Vincent: The Voice Behind Defying Silence

At the heart of Defying Silence is the powerhouse vocals of Anthony Vincent. With a range that spans from gritty growls to soaring melodies, Vincent brings an unparalleled energy and passion to every track. Whether he’s belting out a metal anthem or pouring his heart into an acoustic ballad, Vincent’s voice is the driving force behind the band’s sound. Learn more about this incredible artist and hear his latest tracks on the band’s website.


Experience the Power of Defying Silence Live

While Defying Silence’s music is amazing on its own, there’s nothing quite like experiencing the band’s energy live. With electrifying performances that leave audiences breathless, Defying Silence is a must-see act for rock and metal fans. Whether you’re catching a show at a local venue or joining the band on tour, you won’t want to miss this incredible live experience. Visit the band’s website for tour dates and ticket information.


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Defying Silence (noun):

The act or state of resisting or challenging silence or the absence of sound, particularly in the context of advocating for self-expression, social justice, or breaking oppressive barriers. It signifies a bold and courageous stance against silence as a means of perpetuating inequality, oppression, or suppression.

Example sentence:

As the room fell into hushed anticipation, a man in the audience bravely defied silence, speaking out against his oppressors with unwavering determination.