Defying Silence

I am not just a musician, I have been webmaster for many types of clients for two decades. Over the years I have collected undeniable proof of the following. Google is one of the most corrupt internet entities in the world controlling more than 90% of the search market. They are tied in with all other mainstream websites controlled by the Global elite. Google is biased, it does censor content. Google will blacklist, shadow ban destroying people and their careers that have spread the truth.

If you are one that can’t be controlled that have gone against the globalist agenda publicly, the global elite will shit can you everywhere from the public eye. Defying Silence has been a direct target shortly after 911 and still to this day we are censored, shadow banned and blacklisted. Someone with a lot of power has sabotaged our musical talent out of both fear and spite.

Google, YouTube, Facebook including some major TV film and music entities have done everything for well over the last decade to sabotage and censor our music’s online presence. YouTube purposely gave away our YouTube URL and user name to an imposter band that infringed on Defying Silence first usage rights since 2001. This group of musicians used the Defying Silence Trademark from 2009 – 2014 posting content everywhere.

A Federal Trademark is not needed as long as any entity entity can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt first usage rights. A Federal Trademark does nothing to protect you, except give you the right to sue for monetary damages. We do not care about money, we have normal jobs. However, besides this, all lawyers are scared to death to bring a case against Google or Facebook. So what does that tell you! Even with that said Defying Silence is a Registered Federal Trademark with undeniable proof since 2001.

Facebook obviously tied in with Google and YouTube owned by Google will not remove the imposter band content. Google has also removed from Google search results once again. After 14 years we popped back into Google search for a short time but now our domain is gone once again. Maybe this time they will block our domain indefinitely. Oh well!

Concerning our music videos on YouTube those were all shadow banned in YouTube search results for their keyword ranking placements. I have the poof showing placement, dates, before and after Googles search rank sabotage. and our band has over a twenty-year life span on the internet. This is before Facebook and before YouTube. We have dealt with more than 17 years of censorship. And it should be obvious to anyone reading this far, Google is part of the global elite and has done everything to remove us from the public eye.

A fair warning to everyone in entertainment or other form of entertainment. Never spread truth awareness about current or past events because it will only get you shit canned. We are the first Band to be blackballed and will not be the last to be destroyed by Big Tech.

All mainstream entertainment, media, major record labels, film and television, websites like Facebook Google and YouTube are all controlled by the global elite. This a fact!

Defying Silence Music Video’s are created in High Definition, please adjust the quality settings for best viewing experience.

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There is no greater force than a parents love for their children.





Defying Silence music 1st appeared on the web in 2001 – 2002. Later in 2006 Defying Silence music “I Believe” a motorcycle theme song created by Defying Silence appeared in a Discovery Channel Documentary titled “History of the Chopper” which aired Worldwide in commerce 3/4/2006.

Defying Silence formed in 1998 with original members Anthony Vincent and Dean Lanzi, additional Defying Silence band members include, Dave Kelly, Joe Vargo, Bob Jones, Anthony Lombardo, John Evans and Eddie Drivetone.

Defying Silence performance history throughout Ohio at venues including: The Hard Rock Café
Harley Davidson festivals, The Revolution & The HI Fi Clubs, The Symposium , The Bottom-Line Salon, Greenleaf, Runway, Peabody’s and other venues sponsored by Budweiser. Thanks to Billy Morris Defying Silence regularly performed at his two clubs. Billy Morris is a guitarist who has played in several bands including Warrant, Quiet Riot and more.

Defying Silence opened and headlined at many clubs with many well-known local bands in Ohio. MAB – Michael Angelo Batio, Osyrus, Doctor Feel Good, Spare Change, The threat, with way too many bands to list. However, Song writing and promotion has never ceased, new songs in genre heavy metal and hard rock song remakes are in development.


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